The Film Lab, presented by the Sun Valley Film Festival

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

In October 2019, the Sun Valley Film Festival, Presenting Sponsor Tito’s Handmade Vodka, The Farm, Variety, and the Austin Film Society are teaming up to award one lucky filmmaking team with up to $185,000* in post-production services from The Farm in Los Angeles, CA to complete their film and  make a big splash in the 2020 film festival circuit.

The winning filmmakers will also receive personalized feedback from Film Lab judge and Academy Award winner PETER FARRELLY (Green Book).  The selected film will screen  as a work-in-progress in Austin, TX and the filmmakers will  receive feedback from a discerning audience that includes Industry members, filmmakers, and film lovers, during a moderated discussion hosted by the Austin Film Society. Armed with curated feedback, the winning filmmakers will take their film through the final steps with The Farm, who will provide post-production services which may include color, sound mixing and deliverables. 

The Film Lab provides vitalizing encouragement and practical support to emerging and established filmmakers as they ready their film for audiences. Through access to rare opportunities, industry expert guidance, financial support and unique platforms for showcasing their work, The Film Lab and its presenting Sponsors, help filmmakers cross the finish line.

* The prize amount is determined on a project by project basis taking into consideration the winning project’s needs as determined by SVFF and The Farm in their discretion; $185,000 is the maximum total for awarded services rendered by The Farm.


Peter Farrelly is a director, screenwriter, producer and novelist. Along with his brother Bobby, the Farrelly brothers have famously directed and produced hit comedies including There’s Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber. Peter directed, produced and co-wrote the comedy-drama Green Book, which won the Audience Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay, and earned Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. 


The ninth annual Festival, presented by Ford, will take place March 18-22nd, 2020.

Every year we bring audiences and artists together in an intimate, sophisticated in nature, community and culture. It’s a place where you can “come as you are” and immerse yourself in the world of award-winning storytelling. Since 2012 our 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit has created opportunities for storytellers and propelled emerging voices with grants, education and professional guidance. For festival details visit Get festival updates on Facebook and Twitter.


The Farm, who is partnering to provide up to $185,000.00 of post-production services to the winning project, was founded in the UK and established itself is a premiere post production house, prior to moving to LA. The Farm is unique in that it is one of the only post production houses in LA that offers picture and sound finishing under one roof.


Tito’s Handmade Vodka is America’s Original Craft Vodka. In 1997, Bert “Tito” Beveridge, now a 50-something geophysicist, obtained the first legal permit to distill in Texas and created Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Tito’s distills its corn-based vodka using old-fashioned pot stills and the vodka is naturally Gluten-Free. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is distilled and bottled by Fifth Generation Inc. in Austin, Texas, and is available in Liter, 1.75L,750ml, 375ml, 200ml and 50ml sizes. For more information, visit


Variety has been the seminal voice of the entertainment industry for 113 years and counting. Featuring award-winning breaking news reporting, insightful award-season coverage, must-read feature spotlights and intelligent analysis of the industry’s most prominent players, Variety is the trusted source for the business of global entertainment. Read by a highly engaged audience of industry insiders, Variety’s multi-platform content coverage expands across digital, mobile, social, print and branded content, events and summits.


Founded in 1985 by filmmaker Richard Linklater, AFS creates life-changing opportunities for filmmakers, catalyzes Austin and Texas as a creative hub, and brings the community together around great film. AFS supports filmmakers’ career leaps through grants, support services, and professional development programs. The AFS Cinema is an ambitiously programmed, non-profit arthouse cinema with broad community engagement. By hosting premieres, special events, local and international industry events, AFS shines the national spotlight on Texas filmmakers while connecting Austin and Texas to the wider film community. AFS is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To learn more about the AFS Cinema or about Austin Film Society’s mission and follow @AustinFilm on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Call for Entries

Early Bird Deadline: July 12th 

Regular Deadline: August 9th

Late Deadline: August 30th 

Extended Late Deadline: September 23rd 


The following are the terms and conditions of the [Film Lab Award] (the “Lab Award”) sponsored by The Sun Valley Film Festival (“SVFF”) and its related sponsors, Tito’s Handmade Vodka (“Titos”), and The Farm LA (“The Farm”).  By submitting your project (the “Project”) to SVFF for consideration for the 2020 Film Lab Award, you hereby acknowledge the following:


  • All participants must be 21 and over to be eligible.
  • A Project must be a “Work In Progress,” with no public screening engagements prior to December 2019.
  • A Project must be in process beyond first assembly; while editing does not have to be finished, the Project is expected to be past the rough-cut phase [missing elements like sound design, color correction, score, VFX, etc. is understandable and expected].
  • The winning participant must agree to screen the Project as a work-in-progress at the Film Lab event in Austin, TX on October 10th, 2019.
  • The winning participant must agree to screen the Project during the Sun Valley Film Festival in March 2020.
  • Any Project currently available to the public on the internet, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, that has had significant television play, or currently in wide theatrical release is not eligible.

The Lab Award

The winning participant will be eligible for the following:

  • Travel & lodging for the director and producer of the Project to/from Austin in October, 2019.
  • Up to $185,000 worth of post-production services from The Farm at its post-production facilities located in Los Angeles, CA.  The services to be provided by The Farm shall be subject to a separate agreement between the winning participant and The Farm.  The Farm will not cover the costs for VFX, FOLEY, and MUSIC RIGHTS but can help negotiate deals for those services on behalf of the filmmakers.  A full list of included services will be shared with finalists. 
  • The prize amount is determined on a project by project basis taking into consideration the winning project’s needs as determined by SVFF and The Farm in their discretion; $185,000 is the maximum total for awarded services rendered by The Farm.
  • The benefit of SVFF marketing and promotion of the competition and the issuance of the Lab Award.

Credit and other Obligations

  • Each of SVFF, Tito’s and The Farm shall be individually credited as follows “Made with the Support of [_______]” in the end credits of the completed Project.
  • The winning participant agrees that it must enter into a separate agreement with each of SVFF, Tito’s and The Farm that acknowledge the contribution to the Project.  The agreement shall contain customary terms and conditions generally found in agreements for the provision of services and capital contributions in the United States entertainment industry and shall be negotiated in good faith between the winning participant and SVFF.

Representations and Warranties; Indemnity and Grant of Rights

  • You grant SVFF permission to share submitter email address with Film Lab partners.
  • You represent and warrant to SVFF that: (a) you have the authority to exhibit this Project at SVFF; (b) the exhibition of the Project will not violate or infringe any copyright, patent, privacy right, publicity right, trademark, service mark or any other personal or property right of any person or entity, and that the Project does not constitute or include a defamation of any person or entity; (c) the Project is not subject to (or subject to any threat) of any litigation, arbitration, or other adversarial claim or proceeding, and;  (d) you have secured and paid for all permissions, clearances and licenses (whether for music, stock footage, or any other elements contained in the Project) for exhibition at SVFF and the Film Lab event in Austin, TX on October 10th, 2019.  
  • In the event your Project is awarded the Lab Award, you hereby grant, on behalf of yourself and all other parties related to the Project, each of the following rights to SVFF without reservations, conditions or qualifications: (a) the right to use footage, stills and/or titles, and information from or relating to the Project for promotional purposes; and (b) the right to issue and authorize publicity concerning the filmmakers and the Project and to use all associated names, likenesses and biographical information.  You represent to the SVFF that you are authorized and/or empowered by all parties legally representing the Project to receive any awards.  You further represent and warrant that by submitting the Project to SVFF, you hereby grant SVFF the irrevocable right to view and/or download all digital assets associated with the Project for use by SVFF.
  • You agree that all materials will be sent prepaid and understand and agree that neither fees, submission videos, nor materials will be returned whether or not your Project is accepted.
  • You understand and agree that the number of screenings, days and venues is at the sole discretion of SVFF.
  • You understand and agree that if your Project is accepted by SVFF, its screenings and associated events may be sponsored by SVFF partners.
  • All information included on this submission application will be utilized in the program guide and the website.  Any corrections must be received in writing by October 1st, 2019. Changes will not be made after this date.  SVFF will not be responsible for handwritten interpretations or typos.
  • You understand and agree that if your Project is accepted by SVFF, you will be responsible for your own travel and lodging while working with The Farm in Los Angeles along with any travel and lodging needs thereafter. 
  • You hereby acknowledge that you have the right to consult with an attorney of your own choosing with respect to these Terms and Conditions. By submitting your Project to the SVFF for consideration, you agree that you are doing so after having consulted with an attorney or after you have freely or voluntarily elected not to do so without coercion or duress.
  • You agree to hold SVFF, Tito’s, and The Farm harmless from any claims  that may be asserted by any person or entity, or may be incurred by SVFF, Tito’s, and The Farm, at any time in connection with the Project or the use, handling or consideration thereof, and/or arising from any breach or alleged breach of any representation made by you to SVFF, Tito’s, and The Farm including, without limitation, any express or implied representation in these Terms and Conditions.
  • SVFF reserves the right to change screening times and locations at their discretion.
  • The Sun Valley Film Festival reserves the right to determine eligibility of any Project submitted.
The Film Lab, presented by the Sun Valley Film Festival